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History of Ballistic Boards


Chado Militante, Honolua Bay Local. Maui bodyboarding celebrity. One of the worlds best all around bodyboarders drop knee prone or stand up. or switch stance. Chado Militante, lays down the standard for versatile bodyboarding. The best in our book. hands down.

Ballistic Bodyboards started making 100$ hand crafted boards in Hawaii using the best materials.  We create, never imitate.  With over 20 years of combined shaping experience Ballistic started shaping bodyboards in 1996 and have worked with the originators of the sport.   Shaping for and working together with  bodyboarding legend….Jack Lindholm. Jack was the first to be featured in surfer magazine in the 1970’s, before bodyboarding even existed as a sport.  We have worked closely with a many  old school professionals, Mike Roth, Hoptong Smith, Chado Militante, Jimmy Hutaff, Kaui Kauhi, Noah Spencer, Eugene Teixera  as well as some of the best professionals and underground bodyboarders and surfers.  Over 20 years experience allows Ballistic to bring to you the best wave riding products available.   Our motto:  Performance Driven, Quality Proven…. means… The longer we can keep you satisfied in the water without having to buy another board, the better.   Our riders can ride their Ballistic boards for almost a few seasons and sometimes years before they need a new Ballistic.  The real amazing thing is, riders that surf with Ballistic rip harder then most!  Spock em out.custom bodyboards Hawaii
Custom bodyboards made to the customers specs. Here Jimmy Hutaff does what he does best with his all DK board. kick flip nose for d.k. thinner core Polypro and ballistic materials makes the difference.Some of the team:
  • Cole Hansen


    dropknee Champion Bodyboarding Hawaiian

    Cole Hansen Droknee pipeline backdoor champion. 1’st place d.k. war title. Ruthless Dropknee bodyboarding attack. Any size. Cole destroys waves all over Hawaii.

  • Cassidy Sonoda


    Cassidy Sonoda Bodyboards

    Pipeline backside dropknee Cassidy Sonoda attacks it with confidence with his Ballistic custom board. kick flip DK nose, ballistic materials makes the difference, knowing your board will handle. Kauai Champion.

  • Kingston Harbottle


    Bodyboards Kingston dropknee technician bodyboarding underground

    Kingston Harbottle, likes to stay out of the limelight but in the pit. Happy at home at his local Hawaii spot.

  • Eliase Ho


    Bodyboards eliaseair

    Eliase Ho, Waianae, Hawaii. Makaha local can be found stand up bodyboarding or ripping on his soft surfboard on some of the most treacherous shallow reefs on the west side of Oahu. Locals only. Eliase Ho gets plenty waves where most bodyboarders won’t even take off with fins prone.

  • Roger Mamuad


    militia Bodyboard Hawaii

    Roger Mamuad likes to get footage with his Gopro and Ballistic bodyboard. Custom Hawaii bodyboards. Waianae local and many 1’st place winner placings. His Hawaii competition record is impressive, but his freestyle bodyboarding is even more.


    Asa Aquino Hawaii bodyboarding pic Carlos Mozo

    Asa Aquino Kahuku Hawaii, at home in Laie, bodyboarding his wedge spot and boosting way above the others with his custom Ballistic bodyboard.

  • Asa Aquino
  • Kawena Garcia


    Kawena Dropknee Bodyboard

    Kawena Garcia Kapahulu, Hawaii Kawena rips dropknee, stand up and prone. When she is not in the water ripping she is training her daughter Kaipoi’ to be the next surfing champion. Yes girls rip too.

  • Hoptong Smith


    HOPTONG SMITH Soft top surfboard surf bodyboard

    Hoptong Smith. Waianae Hawaii. A legend on the west side of Oahu and worldwide. Hoptong surfs any where in Hawaii where the waves are going off. When he can he travels to Japan where he has raised up some rippers with Grace surfboard team. Here he is test piloting a soft surfboard by Ballistic. “This thing is Radical”. Hoptong Smith

  • Darrel Delagarza


    darre lspinner bodyboard prone airs

    Darrel Delagarza Waianae, Hawaii Darrel is 250 lbs plus but doesn’t slow him down a bit. Here he is busting a forward spin on a Stealth model bodyboard. D.k. stand up or Prone. Darrel is a mixed martial arts bodyboarder. Ripper.

  • Sandino Legend


    Bodyboard air drop knee ballistic custom Hawaii

    Sandino Legend, Island of Kauai Hawaii bodyboards Custom Kanaka air game, drop knee game, this Hawaiian rips.

  • Joshua Medeiros


    Custom bodyboards Hawaii

    Joshua Medeiros Hauula, Hawaii Joshua has been ripping north shore of Oahu since he was 15 years old and can now mostly be found at his favorite bodyboarding shore break play ground doing aerials. Josh rips prone drop knee and stand up although his position of choice is driving prone.

  • Brett Soboleski


    Worlds best bodyboards

    Brett Soboloski Kauai, Hawaii. Underground bodyboarding ambassador for Ballistic. Brett rips the underground breaks on his Island and hooks up boys with stoke. 100% solid braddahood.

  • Custom bodyboards Hawaii

    Chado North Shore Hawaii hitting the section drop knee Hawaii bodyboards custom. Hawaii’s best bodyboarders know what works.

    Chado Militante

  • Tyler Juza


    bodyboards Ballistic Handboard Custom hawaii HandPlane

    Tyler Juza Makakilo, Hawaii Tyler Juza gopro master rips dropknee, prone and stand up if he wants. Here he is scoring a pit at his home zone Hawaii on his Ballistic hand board. Stoked.

  • Rolando Figueroa


    Dropknee Ballistic Stealth bodyboard Hawaii Boriken

    Rolando Figueroa Dropknee and prone original crew from Puerto Rico. Founder of Boriken Ballistic Puerto Rico. Rolando is a solid bodyboarder helping the community and bodyboarders take their riding to the next level. Getballistic

  • Anthony Montanez


    Dropknee Ballistic best Bodyboarding action

    Anthony Montanez Puerto Rico Anthony is rated top drop knee on the Island of Puerto Rico and has prone skills also. Sponsored by Cam1 cameras Look out for Anthony in the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico ripping it up prone and drop knee.

  • Brandon Buza


    dropknee snap how to bodyboard

    Brandon Buza Lihue, Kauai Hawaii bodyboarding dropknee master lays out a nice snap with his custom Ballistic bodyboard. Brandon power surfs and shows what drop knee boydboarding should be.

  • Keoni Regidor


    Custom bodyboards

    Keoni Regidor gets ballistic with his custom Ballistic bodyboard made in Hawaii.

  • Brandon Kepa Hawaii bodyboarding.
  • Brandin Kepa and Tyler Juza share the stoke, Chain Reaction clothing company Mahalo Neal Miyake for taking the shot.

We are just a bunch of bodyboarders/ surfers  wave riders that enjoy the ocean probably just as much if not more than the competition so we like our boards to work and last a long time.  Once you dial into a magic surfboard or bodyboard or hand board etc, you do not like to have to part ways with your board.  We like to think that the board becomes an extension of you in the water to help express yourself on the waves.
Expressing ourselves through our boards with style. Getballistic.  Make trends, don’t follow them.  Create, never imitate.  and always be driven for performance and quality.
Thank you for being a part of the team.
Getballistic Team.